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Injured Players Policy

The Board of Trustees recognises that during the course of the football season academy players will inevitably get injured which may preclude him or her from participating in training or competitive matches.

As of September 1st 2016, United in the Community advises the following course of action if a player is injured:

  1. Seek an appointment with the UITC Sports Therapist who can advise on the injury and any course of treatment they should seek from a local health provider.
  2. If a player is injured for 6 weeks or more their monthly subscription can be reduced to £10 per calendar month. However, the player or his / her parent or guardian MUST apply in writing to the Community Manager for the discount to be applied.

This policy was reviewed/ approved by trustees on 20/08/2016.This policy will be reviewed every two years as part of UITC wider policy/procedure review. Should there be changes in relevant legislation it may need to be reviewed earlier.

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