United in the Community

Parent's Code of Conduct

  1. All parents / guardians must take all measures necessary to protect their children from harm or the risk of harm
  2. All parents / guardians must take all measures necessary to ensure that they are satisfied with UITC and UITC coaches and officials that their child proposes to join
  3. Parents will be responsible for ensuring that their child gets to the match or activity in plenty of time. They will also be responsible for getting their child home safely.
  4. They must respect every player on the park including the opposition.
  5. They should avoid coaching their child.
  6. They should be encouraged to applaud good play from both sides.
  7. They should not shout and scream.
  8. They should on no account question the match official’s decisions. If adults are seen to question decisions how then are we to get the children to accept decisions?
  9. They should support and encourage all coaches.
  10. Help your child adopt the diet and nutrition, flexibility and speed information
  11. Be patient and supportive and encourage your child to play by the laws of the sport.
  12. Highlight good play from both teams and teach young people that honest effort is as important as victory
  13. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from all levels of youth sport
  14. Do not ridicule or shout at your child, or any other for making a mistake or losing. 
  15. Do not question the coaches’ decision during Match or Training time.
  16. Do not publicly question the judgment or honesty of match officials.
  17. Do not over celebrate goals.
  18. Do not instruct players during the game.
  19. Do not force an unwilling youngster to participate.
  20. Be aware and abide by UITC’s Health and Safety Policy and Working practices
  21. All parents / guardians must sign the relevant JPL player registration form
  22. All parents / guardians must make arrangements to ensure that their children are safely transported to and from all Club activities. This is the parents’ responsibility
  23. All parents / guardians must know who the Club Welfare officer / Trustee responsible for Children Safeguarding is and their contact details
  24. Only parents / guardians who are officials of UITC and have regular and/or unsupervised contact with the Clubs’ players will be CRB checked
  25. To follow the UITC policies and procedures when on official Academy trips
By registering our/my child with United in the Community (UITC) we agree to abide by these principles. I/we support the Academy in its undertakings and encourage it to take any necessary disciplinary actions where warranted of any players, parents and or spectators for repeated or serious breaches of these Codes of  Conduct. I agree to abide by the Codes and understand any breach shall be dealt with through UITC Disciplinary Policy.


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