United in the Community

United in the Community

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct sets out the expectations that the United in the Community (UITC) has of its trustees, volunteers and staff employed to support it.

UITC will provide copies of this code of conduct to all trustees, employees and volunteers with specific roles upon commencement of that role. Other volunteers may receive this code of conduct on request and the principles of this document will be communicated within UITC publicity and promotional materials and as part of its activities.

Staff employed to support UITC will be provided with the code of conduct upon their appointment.

UITC is committed to operating to the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity.

In order to do this, UITC recognises it must set out the expectations it has of its trustees, volunteers and of the staff employed to support it.

General Expectations
All UITC trustees, volunteers and members of staff, are expected to:

In addition, all parties should:

Expectations of trustees and volunteers with specific roles
UITC has certain expectations of trustees and volunteers who have specific roles to act or carry out work on behalf of UITC which include, but is not limited to, those who:

UITC expects members and participants with specific roles to:

Additional expectations of board members
In addition to the general expectations and the expectations of volunteers with specific roles, UITC has certain expectations of its trustees. These are to:

If the board loses confidence in any individual board member then it reserves the right to ask for resignation and must give a full reason for the request.

Staff employed to support UITC
UITC expects staff employed to support it will act professionally and will uphold the spirit of the expectations that apply to its trustees and volunteers.

In particular, UITC expects staff employed to support it, will:

Breaching the code of conduct
UITC will take any failure to comply with this code of conduct very seriously and encourages its members and participants to report any breach through the UITC Complaints Procedure. If staff employed to support UITC identify any breach of this Code of Conduct, they must inform the UITC board.

All reports of action outside of this Code of Conduct will be investigated according to the UITC Complaints Procedure.

This policy was reviewed/ approved by trustees on 04/02/2022.This policy will be reviewed every two years as part of UITC wider policy/procedure review. Should there be changes in relevant legislation it may need to be reviewed earlier.

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Trustees - Russell Cheasley (Chair), Caroline Preedy, Chris Oleksy

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